Monday, 28 June 2010


ii was of to the metro centre so decided i wanted to be cool and casual

white vest top - primark £1.50
jeggings - Primark £6.00
Harry Holland Denim Waistcoat - Debenhams around £25.00
Flat gold Shoes (unseen) - Primark £5.00

Friday, 18 June 2010


I was off upto Matalan with my grandma and grandad and Jayden so decided to dress casual.

White Vest-top (Unseen) - Primark around £1.50
White Top with pattern on - Primark around £5.00
Grey Long Sleeveless Cardigan - Primark around £7.00
White jeans - Quiz around £22.00
Black belt - Primark £1.00 in the Sale
Boots - Garage shoes £30.00

i really need to start and wear more accessories just never seem to buy them, i see loads i love just never actually take them to the counter.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Here i go again with another outfit of the day =) hope yous all enjoy =) Sorry for only one picture i was in such a rush and running late as my grandma wanted to get to the metro centre and wanted to get the quarta to 11 bus and i had my son to get ready then walk around grandmas hehe =)

Jumper - New look
Leggings - Rebel Rebel
White Vest Top (unseen) - Primark
Black Uggs (unseen) - Shuch

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Review - Revlon Self Adhesive Eyelashes

Well since my first haul i'v tried 3 out of the 4 styles of these eye lashes they use self adhesive technology, which means no messing around with glue etc. I personally dont wear false eye lashes everyday but i do wear them on night outs, and usually when i'm using eye lashes which i need to use glue for i am constantly checking to making sure their still intact, but with these eye lashes i didnt find myself doing this, they felt sercure enough not to worry about them. I applied them at 6pm and didnt take them off till i woke up after my night out clubbin in Newcastle which was around 10am and they didnt budge. You get an extra adhesive strip aswell so you can use them more then once all you do is simply pull the previous adhesive strip off and apply the new one using the applicator :). Which reminds me of something if you do go to buy these eyelashes check that the applicator is there as some ov them are missing.

i dont have any pictures of the eyelashes applied to the eyes but i will get some on my next night out :) i strongly recommend these eyelashes especially if you havnt used false eyelashes before.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Well another outfit of the day ;; ii was off out to the metro centre so decided to go casual but with heels :) as i love my heels

White Vest top - Primark -£1.50
Black Short Cardigan - Primark - £5.00
Black Leggings - Internationel - £4.99
Shoes - New Look - £39.99

Sunday, 6 June 2010

11 Questions

I havn't been tagged or anything to do this but i seen it on Sophies Blog ( Hope this helps yous get to know me abit better.

1. What is Your Shoe Size ?

      I'm a size 6 in flats and trainers but in sky scrapper heels im a 5 hehehee :)

2. Where do You work?

       I currently dont work as i am a full time mammy, although i am going back to college in september as i hate sitting around the house doing nothing with my life and would like my son to understand its not okay to not work.

3. What is Your Favorite Piece of Clothing?

      Hmmm, what a hard old question this is i really couldn't say although i do have an orange top which was in my most recent OOTD which i wear all the time and for £2.50 i carnt go wrong hehe :)

4. What is my Favorite Blog At The Moment?

      Hmm i read alot of blogs and all my favorites are linked in the right hand column, but the one i have been reading alot laterly is everyone have a read shes very friendly and gives great adive i also have been reading shes really friendly and also does alot of fashion posts also check out her youtube channel.

5. Do you Have Any Pets?

       Yeah i have two cananrys (one called tango and the other one hulk), a dog which is a minature dachound called tandy, three dwarf hamsters called sylvesta, stalone and rambo and two fish called bubble and squeek :)

6. Do You Have any Siblings?

       I have a half-sister but i do not see her as she lives with our Mam and i dont get on with that side of the family

7. What were You Doing Before This?
      Listening to music which i still am doing :) Multi-tasking :)

8. If you could live anywhere were would You Live?

     Newcastle or South Shields :) Wouldnt Leave the Northeast of England

9. What is Your Favorite Food?

     My favorite food is..... Hmmmm tricky question again proberly crisps :) ii eat for too many packs of crisps a day hehehe

10. Do you have a Middle Name?

     Nope :)

11. What are Your Favorite Websites?

      I used Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Formspring and Youtube all the time :) So proberly them ones.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Well today was has been so hot and i was poping out to the metro centre so decided to just go casual as i didnt want to be so hot so heres my outfit :)

Top - Primark cut to be off the shoulder
Shorts - Rebel Rebel
Pumps (unseen) plain black - Primark
White Vest Top (Unseen) - Primark

Haul #3

Well i had a trip to the metro centre with my gorgeous son :) i picked a few things up for him but havnt took any pictures of them hehee coz there just books and that :) i took a trip into primark and picked up three items :) and also went into international and picked up some plain black leggings for £4.99. The pictures below are all items from Primark :).

Gladiator style sandles they have baby pink and blue straps which you carnt see well on these pictures really need to get a new camera. These where £10.00

This bag is baby pink which yet again you carnt see because of my stupid camera, you also get a tassle thing on the side this was £7.00

&& last but not least...

...A baby pink waist belt (sorry about picture quality) which matchs both the items above :) This was £3.00

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Well i went to college yesterday and enrolled on a course called BTEC Extended Diploma in Beauty Therapy :) Hopefully i'm going to like it ;; its going to take up a whole 2 years of my life its 4 days a week aswell which means my grandma and grandad are going to have to look after my little man :) but least i will have some more qualifications behind me :)

If anyone has done a beauty course at college ii would appriciate your comments about whether you liked it or not :)

Aimee x