Thursday, 10 June 2010

Review - Revlon Self Adhesive Eyelashes

Well since my first haul i'v tried 3 out of the 4 styles of these eye lashes they use self adhesive technology, which means no messing around with glue etc. I personally dont wear false eye lashes everyday but i do wear them on night outs, and usually when i'm using eye lashes which i need to use glue for i am constantly checking to making sure their still intact, but with these eye lashes i didnt find myself doing this, they felt sercure enough not to worry about them. I applied them at 6pm and didnt take them off till i woke up after my night out clubbin in Newcastle which was around 10am and they didnt budge. You get an extra adhesive strip aswell so you can use them more then once all you do is simply pull the previous adhesive strip off and apply the new one using the applicator :). Which reminds me of something if you do go to buy these eyelashes check that the applicator is there as some ov them are missing.

i dont have any pictures of the eyelashes applied to the eyes but i will get some on my next night out :) i strongly recommend these eyelashes especially if you havnt used false eyelashes before.


  1. Eeek, I am rabbish at applying fake lashes! I tried Eyelure which was a pain 'cause they'd fall off. These sounds like a dream! I will defo check these out! xx

  2. aww these are really good =) a wasnt expecting them to be any good tbh but they certainly are =) xx


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