Friday, 4 June 2010

Haul #3

Well i had a trip to the metro centre with my gorgeous son :) i picked a few things up for him but havnt took any pictures of them hehee coz there just books and that :) i took a trip into primark and picked up three items :) and also went into international and picked up some plain black leggings for £4.99. The pictures below are all items from Primark :).

Gladiator style sandles they have baby pink and blue straps which you carnt see well on these pictures really need to get a new camera. These where £10.00

This bag is baby pink which yet again you carnt see because of my stupid camera, you also get a tassle thing on the side this was £7.00

&& last but not least...

...A baby pink waist belt (sorry about picture quality) which matchs both the items above :) This was £3.00


  1. These are all really cute, and wonderful prices!

  2. i know i love primark for my bits and bobs :)x

  3. I dont have that store where I live but it seems awesome.


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