Sunday, 30 May 2010

St.Moriz - Review!!

Well I usually dont use fake tan, so the whole fake tan experience was all new to me and after reading loads of blogs and watching reviews on fake tans i decided to try the St. Moriz fake tan which is a lower cost version of St. Tropez :). I picked mine up on one of the stalls in the Metro Centre (Gateshead) i also have heard that home bargains sells this product to :).

Well thats what the bottle looks like i chose the mousse there is also a spray formulation :). To be totally honest i was expecting it to turn my skin a bright orange as a fake tan i used when i was younger did, but it didnt :). It give me a loverly healthy glow and had a fragrence which is bareable as some fake tans i have smelt in the past have put me off using them. i have been using this fake tan for nearly two weeks now and doubt i will be trying any other ones as this product is cheap at just £2.99 and doesnt leave me looking like a wotsit :)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

..Youtube Videos ;; Your Thoughts?

Well.. I'v been contemplaiting the idea of doing youtube videos;; just dont know whether to or not. I love watching them on youtube but i dont really dont know whether people would want to watch my videos.

&& ii dont know whether i have a good enough camera or anything? if anyone has any ideas and thoughts on this they would be much appriciated :) Thanks!

Aimee x

Friday, 28 May 2010

Birthday Haul && Some Little Reviews :)

Well here i go again with another haul ;; this one is stuff i have bought with my birthday money and vounchers :). As most of you will already know boots is doing 3 for 2 on all serve yourself make-up so i thought i would pick up a few bits and peices and here they are :)

i promise some reviews will be coming soon ;; just want to try the products out more then once.

No7 Extream Length Mascara £12 && Free Gift
Well i have been using the No7 Extream Length Mascara for a while now but i have just been using the one you get in your free gift when you spend 22 pound or more on No7 make-up, so i decided to splash out and buy it :) But in the end i didnt actually buy it as this was the cheapest of my 3 No7 Products :) The Free gift is okay to it comprises of a Shader brush, Eye shadow brush, Smudge Brush, Liner Brush, Mirror and a step by step guide on how to create the smokey eye look :) Which i must admit is okay for a free gift.

No7 Stay Perfect - Compact Foundation in New Ivory
I have been using this foundation for a while now and decided to purchase another one whilst it was 3 for 2, i only use this when im going out and usually under my inteligent mousse foundation as you dont get much of it for your £13.50 you get around 12g which doesnt go far when you use as much as i would use.
No7 Starfish Bronzer
i recently hit the pan of my other No7 Starfish Bronzer so i though i would pick another one up whilst they where on offer these cost £12.25 pritty pricey for a cosmetic brand make-up, but i havnt managed to find another bronzer that suits me yet. if anyone has any recommendations please feel free to tell me

Barry M Nail Paints (Left to Right) 294 Cyan Blue, 54 All in One and 305 Pink Flamingo
I love all Barry M nail paints so picked these 3 up whilst they where on offer, gunna give them a go see how the colours come out and wil let yous all know ;; altho at the minute am always using a GOSH nail varnish which i absolutly love as it drys so quick but chips really easy :(

Collection 2000 Fast Dry Hot Look Nail Polish's (NEW)
(Left to Right) 28 Hip Hop, 29 Big Hair, 35 Dynasty
Well whilst browsing the makeup in Boots i come across these little nail polish's i say little as they are pritty darn small at only 8ml compared to you 10ml Barry M, but for the price tag of only £1.79 each i thought why not give them ago :) number 28 Hip Hop is a bright orange :) number 29 Big Hair is a Bright red and number 35 Dynasty is a soft lilac shade :) so some reviews coming soon on what i think but give me time as i have quite a few to try out :)

Revlon Self-Adhesive Eyelashes in the Style Flirty and Defining
Well as most of yous will know i bought some of these last week and absolutly loved them when i used them on my night out on saturday so i poped into boots and bought some more, as they are on special by one get the other half price, they are waterproof and last all day and night :) which are great for nights out. Pictures and reviews coming after tomorrows night out :)

Reviews coming soon and comments welcome :)
Aimee x

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

... Big 20 Tomorrow :)

Well its my 20th birthday tomorrow, feel like im getting old :O
I'v already received a gift card for boots;; any ideas what i could buy? ii will most proberly spend it on makeup :).

I tryed a set of the Revlon Self-Adhesive Eyelashes on saturday so im going to right a review sometime tonight or tomorrow ;; depending on how the birthday celebrations go :) hehee

So keep an eye out for some reviews
tooodles for now :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Second Haul This Week :O

Bourjois Lipsticks (Left to Right) 26 Framboise a croquer, 23 Orange Charnel and 22 Rose Tendre
These lipsticks seem very shimmery, i havnt tried them out yet, but will do a review as soon as i have, the packageing on these lipsticks are loverly and cute tho :) Has anyone else tryed these?

Bourjois Imperfection Concealer - 13 Beige Rose
 I have never tried any of the bourjois concealers or foundations, so i am going to give this concealer a go, the packaging is loverly and has a little mirror on the lid.

Barry M Nail Paints (Left to Right) 306 Blueberry and 307 Lemon
I have heard loads about these colours so i thought i would give them a wirl, they are on offer at the minute in superdrug 2 for £5 so picked up these to shades, one a powder blue and the a powder lemon :) looking forward to trying them out, will let yous all know my thoughts.

From Left to Right - L'oreal Paris Infailible Lip Liner in 716 Timeless Volcano and 703 Fuchsia Fever and a Rimmel London 1000 Kisses lip liner pencil in 004 Indian Pink
I dont have many lipliners so i am just trying to build them up, so im going to giver these ones a world, does anyone have any ideas of good lipliners please :)

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes in 99500 Intensifying and 99501 Defining
These eyelashes use self adhesive technology which means no mesing around with glue, i have never tried these before i always go for the ones with glue but i thought i would give these ones a go. I'm off out this saturday so im going to try them out.

Anyone got any ideas of things for me to try?

Friday, 14 May 2010

First Ever Haul Blog :]

Well here it goes ;; my first ever haul blog :]

Here's a few things i picked up on my trip to the metro centre this week

St. Moriz Fake Tan
Ive read a few blogs saying this fake tan, is the next best thing to St. Tropez. I've never used St Tropez, I've only ever used Dove Summer Glow. So I'm going to give this one a go :) and will let everyone know how it goes :)

Boots Soltan - Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Mit
i also picked this self-tan mit up to use with the St. Moriz fake tan whilst i was in boots looking for make-up.

Boots Botanics - Enriching Body Cream
I have never used this before but have heard that the Boots Botanics range are really good, so i am going to give it a try, its a large tub (450ml) and smells lovely. I have tried it on the back of my hand and it made my hand lovely and soft. It was in the sale as well for three pound something i think.

 Boots Botanics Cleansing Body Scrub
This was also in the sale for around £2, so am going to give this a go as well, smells lovely and will let everyone know how i get on

(Left to Right) Revlon Lip gloss - 06 Coffee Gleam, Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick - Apple Blossom & Rose Petal  and another Revlon Lip gloss - 04 Nude Lustre
i have heard alot about the natural collection lipsticks and Revlon lip glosses so thought i would give them ago, i will do swatches and my review of them once i have used them for a little while.

Clean&Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel
I'm going to give this a go as I'm sick of getting spots on my chin, hopefully it works and then i will review it and tell you all my thoughts

No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation - New Ivory
Well this is my 5th box of this foundation, i absolutely love it, i could live with out it :) its perfect for my skin tone and does go patchy and blends in well

Assortment of Clips From Primark && Body Care
i use alot of clips in my hair when putting it to the side and curly, so i had a browse through the shelfs in primark and come out with 3 packs all the ones with opia on, rangin between £1 and £1.50 bargain :). The pack with image on comes with 2 clips but i had one in my hair when i took the picture these where only 19p from body care.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bare with me Please :)

Well... I've been pondering on the idea of blogging just never went a head with it

But since i am starting college in september again, i think it is the perfect time to start :)

So please bare with me as i am just getting to know how it works and everything, so am trying out a post to see how it goes :)

Expect to see all things beauty related, including make-up/beauty product reviews, my life at college, fashion purcheses and lots of other things thrown in :)

Wish me Luck