Friday, 11 March 2011


ii LACK confidence so much..
             ii  used to have loads of confidence untill ii had my son..and then thinks went downhill from there..
                   ii feel that people look at me more and ii cant let my own style shine through like ii used to, i've been contemplating getting my hair done again .. blonde and another colour...but what colour to choose is the problem following my heart ii want something bright like pink, blue or purple, but my heads saying NO!! :(
             in a morning when getting ready ii pick clothes that ii would love to wear like ii used to and not give a sh*t, but then always pick the things ii wear day in day out, the same things over and over again.
     ii have some gorgeous clothes but never wear them, ii have loads of make-up but never seem to wear eye shadow or bright lipstick anymore, when usually ii wouldnt be bothered what people think.

The MAJOR thing is ii dont know how to gain my confidence back..
         im hoping it comes back very soon, although ii know it won't come back by itself..

Does anyone else feel like this?

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