Thursday, 26 August 2010

Review - No7 Limited Edition Smokey Eyeliner

(sorry for the poor picture quality)

As you may already know, Boots No7 have released there Limited Edition Autumn collection, over the past year or so i have managed to collect nearly all of there limited edition collections, although this time around i have only picked up this smokey eyeliner although there is still time to pick up one of there lipsticks in this collection which has certainly caught my eye :)

well this eyeliner is something a bit different and i love it :), it is a powder eyeliner and has a little sponge tip applicator, i think this is a great unique idea for an eyeliner and so far i have been amazed by it, although there are some cons to the product with quite a few pro's he he.

(again sorry for the poor picture quality)

Some of the pros are that it is a unique product in the make-up world, it is very blendable and smudgeable which means it is amazing for creating that perfect smokey eye, the price isn't to bad either at a reasonable £9.50 although i picked it up for £4.50 as i had a £5.00 money off coupon :)

Another pro is that the colour is a rich black which i did not expect when i first bought this product with it being powder.

Some of the cons are that i did get some fall out on to my cheek not loads though so it isn't much of a problem and another con is that black is the only colour they have and i personally think there should be more colours in this product and that they should make it part of there permanent line.

I managed to create a smokey eye in less then 3 minutes which is great specially if you are in a rush and love the smokey eye, i am definitely going to purchase another one of these just in case they don't make it permanent :) and if you are going to pick anything up out of this collection i would pick this product up :)

Aimee x

P.S sorry for the long review


  1. This sounds so cool! Great review! Might have to give this a try! :) It's such a unique idea!


  2. yeah you should, i wasnt expecting it to be as good as what it is to be honest :)
    aimee x


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