Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ins and Outs


Black eyeliner i am back to wearing black eyeliner on the upper lid again i wore it for around 4 years :O and then stopped but I'm back to liking it again, i feel weird when i don't have it on to be honest.

Wearing my glasses well I'm finally getting used to wearing my glasses thank god :) he he although i still don't feel 100% comfortable wearing them but I'm going to have to get used to it now that I'm starting college.

Putting some weight on well this isn't something you usually see on peoples ins but i have actually put the weight i needed to put on to be a healthy weight, even though its took me around 2 year :) at first i didn't really like  it but now i love it, i feel as if i look so much healthy, even though i need to go out and buy some new jeans.

Enrolling in to college well i go to finish off my enrollment tomorrow and cant wait, although I'm really nervous about starting college again but i think that's just because i haven't been in circulation for a while since i had my son.

Eyeshadow well i have started wearing eyeshadow again i went through a phase of not wearing it well I'm back to that again to he he so some FOTD's to come before i start college.


Saving up for Christmas well its going to be my sons 2nd Christmas this year, and by god i certainly need to start saving up a bit more money before i can get any presents for him, running a house and paying bills is an absolute nightmare.

The weather well the weather this week really doesn't know what it wants to do, one minute its sunny and hot and the next its raining, i wish it would sort its self out so i know what to wear he he.

well not many outs this week which is a good thing
more posts to come :)

Aimee x


  1. My one make-up essential is black eyeliner!
    Great blog! Be back soooon! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.
    Happy Friday! :) x


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