Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Mystery of Sleek..

Sleek where are you? (haha)
Well my local superdrugs never have hardly any sleek in, they have a stand for it with loads of empty gaps, there are places for all the pallets but there is never nothing there and the things that are left have been poked, prodded and god knows what else (hehe).
 I managed to pick the sleek contour kit up a good few months back, and since have not been able to pick it up again, they NEVER have it in.
I have asked an employee a few times and they always say they are expecting a delivery but never seem to have anything in

I have love the sleek products i have tried just would love to be able to easily buy them without the hunting and travelling around.


  1. I agree - Barry M is almost as bad! In superdrug today they Barry M stand had only two nail polish colours!

  2. Try making a complaint via email to both Sleek & Superdrug. They'll probably sort it out. x

  3. Barry M's always bad in boots,
    I might try making a complaint :) Thanks


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