Monday, 21 February 2011

In and Outs


New flat - well since moving into my flat I feel so much happier in myself and so much happier with life, which is great =]

Finding clothes and make up I had forgot about - Well whilst moving house i have found clothes and make-up that i had completely forgot about, and now need extra wardrobes and storage for make up 'hehe' cue the boyfriend =]

Bowler hats - I have a love for bowler hats, my collection is slowly becoming very large, and they are taking over my hat box, which is quite large 'hehe'

Blogging - I know I was missing for a while, but since coming back i feel a new lease of life and have loads of products that i want to review and loads of things ii want to blog about and i cannot wait.


Internet dongles - Ergh!! they are so annoying speacially when your used to having broadband in but sky forgot to order that for me new address when moving, so having to wait another month, how disgraceful.

SNOW!! - We keep getting the odd flurry of snow, i hope it doesnt start to snow properly as it means I will be stuck in the flat all  day by myself, not what im wanting 'hehe'

Money - Not having money due to bill's, the little monkey of a child, christmas and everything else that you need money for on a day to day basis, no money for the special treats like make-up at the minute =[


  1. the snow has finally stopped here thank god! xx

  2. Happy to hear you're doing well in you new place, I love finding make up and clothes that Ive forgotten about :) xx


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