Tuesday, 21 September 2010

M.I.A - Missing in Action

Sorry for my lack of posts, ii have been concentrating on college the past two weeks so haven't really had time to post anything.. we have had a two week induction so we haven't had to wear our uniform, but today we did, pictures coming soon :) ii received all my kit, doesn't really look much for the money but hey ho!! that's how it goes..

ii will be keeping everyone up to date with what ii do at college, but ii wont be posting nearly everyday, because ii already have assignments to concentrate on.

Aimee x


  1. good luck with the course! the uniform is so handy - at least you wont be worrying about what to wear every day! :)

  2. aww thanks :)
    and yeah sure is..saved me loads of time in the morning x

  3. Loving your blog!
    following you ;)

    come take a look at mine

  4. Good luck with it all! Let us know how youre getting on! xx



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