Thursday, 19 August 2010

ins [&&] outs


Finishing off college enrollment date well i finally got my letter confirming my enrolment to college, aslong as i meet all the criteria which i already know i do so its all looking up on the college front, so i have to pop along next friday with all the relevant informatioin and am done :) and then fill in my order forms for my kit and uniform then i am already to start, really nervous though been out of college life for a year and half.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 320 Funtime Fusicha totally not my colour usually but i am really loving it right now, certainly going to try more brighter colour lipsticks in the future just need to save me some pennys :)

Bright lipsticks i have never been a massive fan off bright lipsticks on myself, i've always thought they look better on other people, but maybe i was wrong i am really starting to like them now, and must start to try other shades. any ideas welcome?


Rain awww i am totally sick of all this rain now, wheres the sunshine gone, i know its hardly ever sunny in the northeast but please could with have some sunshine for more then a couple of hours a month. hehe

Not having money aww i'm totally sick of not having money, running a house and looking after a child is hard enough but saving up 500£ for a college kit and uniform is even harder whilst paying bills.

well theres not many outs this week which is a good thing i must say :)


  1. You should try MAC's Girl About Town lipstick. My first ever MAC purchase as well as my first lippie, it's a gorgeous wearable colour that feels lovely on your lips. Cheryl wears it too which is a bonus for a fan like me!

    Lovely blog...have a look at mine?

    T x

  2. well thanks
    ii will definitly have to look for this next time im near my local mac counter

    and i will definitly have a look at your blog
    xx aimee

  3. Hi hun thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm following you now. What course are you doing?

  4. aww thanks for following :)
    and diploma in beauty therapy
    fancyed abit of a change from the last time i was at college x


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