Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In's && Outs

Well i thought i would do my loves and  hates for July, bit late i know :)


New Things
Well i have recently got a new laptop, with the help of my grandma and grandad <3 so i absolutely love it

College which starts in September but I'm so excited to go back and start a new course

Colourful eyeshadow
I used to wear coloured eyeshadow all the time but then i changed to wearing non or just natural colours but I've gone back to colours and i love it at the minute

My shoe obsession is back and is back with a vengeance i really honestly don't need anymore, but i cant help but buy some every time i go out shopping to the metro centre or to Newcastle, i have way to many pairs and they have took over my walk in wardrobe he he.. but like the saying goes a girl can never have to many shoes :)


Natural eye shadow's
well I've had enough of this look now, been wearing it for months now, and i am not back to wearing colour :)

Well obviously i am still wearing them he he, but just not buying them all the time he he, it was getting a bit obsessive but then again my obsession with shoes has started again.

Please what is the point, i was bullyed at school for being ugly which was like over 4 years ago, why still carry it on there really is no point, surely you have grown up since then.

What are your in's and out's at the minute?


  1. i love this type of post..your grandparents are so cute!:) i'm getting really into coloured eyeshadow too..love your blog!


  2. :) thanks
    i didnt know wether to do this type of post or not but i thought ohh what the heck! lets do it anyway :) x

  3. i really enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing, its interesting to read.



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