Saturday, 28 August 2010

College Haul

Well i picked up the bits and bobs i need for college today, spent a small fortune though and considering i haven't been at college for nearly 2years, i have nothing so i have had to start from scratch again he he.
I cant remember the prices for everything and don't have the receipts anymore so the prices are just averages for example some things may be seven pound something so Ive just rounded it up to eight pound he he

i apologise for the picture quality though, so hope you don't mind :)

Pukka Project File and Inside of File - WH Smiths around £8.00

Hello Kitty Pens
Multi-change pen - WH Smiths £3.00 Normal Ball Point Pen - WH Smiths £2.00

Hello Kitty Pencil Case - WH Smiths £2.99 SALE!

Academic Diary - WH Smiths £8.49

Parker Pen - WH Smiths £19.99

Clear Pockets - Rymans £4.99

Selection of pens ranging up to £3.00 - Rymans

Pukka Pad Vellum - £3.29ish and Dividers - £0.69 Rymans

Black Leaver Arch File - ASDA £1.00ish

So theres all my bits and bobs for college so far, got my order forms for my kits for college but i haven't ordered them yet

Aimee x


  1. Awwww! College time! I love those kinds of purchases!! Awesome! Can't wait to get my own stuff!

  2. I love buying bits and bobs for college :) gets me in the mood for it hehe..

    I wasnt sure wether to do a post on the things i bought but i thought aww what the hell hehe

    Aimee x

  3. I love stationery! dunno why cos choosing pens, pencils, notepads etc should be really dull but I love it! I could quite happily spend hours browsing in Easons and WHSmith :)

  4. hehehe ii love stationary to :) WH Smiths have some loverly stuff in x

  5. the hello kitty pen is so so cute :) i love it. I hope college goes okay for you - good luck :D

    love your blog its really cute :)



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