Tuesday, 20 July 2010

..Mini Haul

Well pictures coming soon havn't took them yet hehehe

Well ii decided to go back to MAC, i tryed them a few years back and poped along to the shop and asked them to match me to a foundation, and they give me a one but when i got home it looked awful, made me look orange, so was put of the MAC foundations.

But whilst shopping to day for a new foundation i thought i might pop in and have a look and see if they can offer me a better foundation that suits me so they've giving me the Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 so i'm going to see how it goes and show you some pictures :)

i also picked up the Sleek contour kit in light as i have heard some good reviews about it so im going to give it a go :) aswell and upload some pictures.

sorry for the lack of pictures


  1. can't wait for the pics, I love MAC

    great blog <3


  2. i like MAC but after they messed my foundation up the last time and spent 19£ on something i couldnt even use ;; i sorter felt a bit let down x


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