Monday, 5 July 2010

Haul #4

Well this is a haul of loads of different things not just make-up but i thought i may aswell show you them aswell, as i'm going to use them for my make-up and bits and bobs '')

All the products below are from the pound shop '')

im going to use this for my necklace's.

im going to use this tiny bin for my rubbish after taking my make-up etc off.

im going to use this letter rack for my pallets.

im going to use this little bowl for my bits and bobs.

the products below are from primark.

over the knee socks on sale for 50p '') love a bargin hehe

these plimsoles which are actually a karki colour but the camera doesnt give them justice, they seemed so comfy when ii tryed them on these for £5.00


this fake gold snake ring £2.00

These products are from different stores.

Johnson's make-up remover 3in1 from the bodycare shop £1.59 i ran out of it about 2weeks ago and know where in my area had it in and i finally got some so i bought two.

well my superdrug in the metro-centre has just started to stock the M.U.A range so i picked a few things up.

eyes shadows from left to right
1st row - shade 10, 16, 8
2nd Row - shade 18, 20, 11
3rd row - shade 6, 9, 5

swatches etc coming when i charge my batteries for digital camera '')

M.U.A bronzer 1


  1. I have those shoes in black, 2 pairs in pink, and in blue too, they are so comfortable! xo

  2. i wore them for the first time today and your right they are so comfortable :) x

  3. Love the snake ring!

  4. thanks, cant go wrong for a couple of pound hehe x


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