Sunday, 30 May 2010

St.Moriz - Review!!

Well I usually dont use fake tan, so the whole fake tan experience was all new to me and after reading loads of blogs and watching reviews on fake tans i decided to try the St. Moriz fake tan which is a lower cost version of St. Tropez :). I picked mine up on one of the stalls in the Metro Centre (Gateshead) i also have heard that home bargains sells this product to :).

Well thats what the bottle looks like i chose the mousse there is also a spray formulation :). To be totally honest i was expecting it to turn my skin a bright orange as a fake tan i used when i was younger did, but it didnt :). It give me a loverly healthy glow and had a fragrence which is bareable as some fake tans i have smelt in the past have put me off using them. i have been using this fake tan for nearly two weeks now and doubt i will be trying any other ones as this product is cheap at just £2.99 and doesnt leave me looking like a wotsit :)


  1. This is the tanner I use too, and I love it. You made a really good choice. I havent found anything better yet, espically for the price.

  2. Yeah, i was going to try the st.tropez but the price is just silly x


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